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My phaco service contract is ending, can you train biomeds?

My phaco service contract is ending, can you train biomeds?


Alcon Equipment Service Training

MEDiSURG is currently the only company offering Full Service and PM Only training classes on the Alcon phaco systems. Classes offered on the Alcon Centurion and the Alcon Constellation, to the classics; Alcon Infiniti and the Alcon Accurus. If your surgical staff and technicians are uncomfortable using the Alcon Systems, we can put them thru a boot camp to make them an asset during surgery.


PM Only – You will gain knowledge and skills on the annual PM procedure, battery replacement, and basic troubleshooting. Each trainee will receive a specialized service kit with test fixtures, workbook and a USB memory drive with the operators manual and technical data shared during the course.

Full Service – Includes the PM Only course plus in depth troubleshooting skills.  The course has extensive hands on training with the system and modules. During the course, you will completely disassemble the system and replace all the parts.  By the end of the course you will have the confidence and the skills to troubleshoot, replace parts and communicate with the OR staff  to minimize common system errors.  Alcon Tech Service will assist you with software  issues and upgrades.  


What you get from the Alcon service training course will impact your bottom line.  You will speed up response time, save money and reduce staff anxiety.

No More Contracts

Cancel your service contracts with Alcon Technical Service and have your in house biomed trained to do the work.

Preventive Maintenance

The Alcon OEM requirement requires you to have your Alcon system PM once or twice a year. You will save money and keep the systems in top working condition.

OEM Knowledge

Our trainers work with the Alcon systems every day, teaching and servicing.  We have been trained and battle tested on all of the Alcon phaco and vitret systems. We have the documentation, the experience and the tools!

Surgical Knowledge

When you know how the system is supposed to work and you have been trained on the surgical procedures, your knowledge will assist you with diagnosing surgical operator errors versus the system faults.

Reduce Downtime

Alcon estimates that 30% or so of all service calls are operator error.  When you can solve a problem within minutes, you will be a hero.  If the system needs service, you can get it fixed in hours instead of days.

First Responder

Being available to trouble shoot with the assistance of MEDiSURG staff, you will be confident that the problems can be solved and surgical cases are not cancelled.

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Alcon Equipment MEDiSURG Trains On

Alcon Constellation

Alcon Infiniti

Alcon Accurus

Alcon Centurion

Parts Warrantee

All of our parts come with a non DOA guarantee.  We will help you diagnose the part failure so that you can be sure you are getting the parts you need.

Phaco Experts

We know what typically breaks on the phaco and VitRet systems, we have been there and did that already. When you call us for parts, we will ask you for the error codes to be sure that you are getting the part that will get your system up and going.  If it is a software issue, the OEM will be involved.

Speedy Delivery

Place your order securely online. Most parts shipped by 4 PM every day. We use UPS, FEDEX and the USPS to deliver our parts.  If you need it sent a different way, let us know.  We also ship worldwide!

Service & Repair

We offer full service or preventative maintenance on your eye surgical equipment.


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We have parts in stock and patient ready phaco systems available for your surgical suite.


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Classes & Training

We offer full service and PM only courses on the most popular phaco and vitret systems.


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